Technology Requirements

OMOP Minimal Technology Requirements


  1. Space requirements are dependent on the size of the raw databases being used.
  2. To create CDM, you will need 3 times as much freespace as the size of the database.
  3. Data can be stored in either SAS or RDBMS; the OMOP Research Lab stores data in both SAS and Oracle.
  4. You will need an additional 3 times the size of database for tempspace (TEMP, UTILLOC) to run the methods.
  5. For running methods: minimal recommendations include 20 processors, 64-bit OS (Windows or Unix), 32-gigabytes of RAM.

SAS is the minimal software requirement with some analysis methods requiring additional software packages. The OMOP tools and procedures listed below are listed with software dependencies.

Tools and Procedures Software Dependencies
Thomson Reuters ETL Oracle
GE ETL Oracle
Any other ETL Your choice
OSCAR- Observational Source Characteristics Analysis Report (OSCAR) Base SAS, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
NATHAN- Natural History Analysis (NATHAN) Base SAS, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
RICO- Regularized Identification of Cohorts (RICO) Oracle or SAS
Generalized ERA Logic Developer (GERALD) Oracle or SAS
Era Integration (ERIN) Oracle or SAS
Generalized Review of OSCAR Unified Checking (GROUCH) Base SAS
Standard terminologies datasets SAS or text
Vocabulary Use Cases Oracle
Analysis Methods Software Dependencies
Disproportionality Analysis (DP) Base SAS, SAS/IML
Multiset Case-Control Estimation (MSCCE) Base SAS, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
Univariate Self-controlled case series (USCCS) Base SAS, SAS/IML, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
Bayesian logistic regression (BLR) Base SAS, SAS/IML, BBRtrain, C++
Observational Screening (OS) Base SAS, SQL, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
Case-Control Surveillance (CCS) Base SAS, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
Case-crossover (CCO) Base SAS, SAS Access (if CDM is in RDB)
Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) PROLOG, Python
Maximized Sequential Probability Ratio Test (MSPRT) Base SAS
Conditional Sequential Sampling Procedure (CSSP) Base SAS
Temporal Pattern Discovery (ICTPD) R, Oracle or SQL Server
High-dimensional propensity scoring cohort (HDPS) Base SAS, SAS/IML optional
Incident user design (IUD-HOI) Base SAS
Highthroughput Screening by Indiana University (HSIU) Base SAS
Multivariate self-controlled case series (MSCCS) Base SAS, C++

The software packages are required in the following versions or higher:


GCC 3.4.6

Perl 5.8.3 built for sun4-solaris-64int

Prolog 5.1.3

Python 2.4.3

R Foundation for Statistical Computing 2.9.0

SAS 9.1.3
SAS Analytics Pro
Base SAS Software
SAS/GRAPH Software
SAS/STAT Software
SAS/IML Software

Distributed Partner Technology
Click on the Distributed Research Partner to view thier hardware and software requirements implemented to perform OMOP research.

1. Humana, Inc.

2. Partners Healthcare System

3. Regenstrief Institute / Indiana University

4. SDI Health

5. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Medication Safety / Outcomes Research, Pharmacy Benefits Management Services