These original OMOP resources are no longer supported. You can find the latest developments by visiting the OHDSI libraries.

The majority of the HOI definitions can be implemented with Regularized Identification of Cohorts (RICO). RICO is a procedure that standardizes patient cohort selection. To create HOIs, RICO is employed using cohort definitions are created

using criteria that are specified in input parameters. Patients meeting the criteria are selected from the common data model. The majority of HOI definitions can be implemented using RICO. Two exceptions are the "Acute Myocardial Infarction Definition #4" and the

"Mortality after MI Definition #4", which both involve application of the American College of Cardiology definition that includes a complicated set of criteria about troponin, CK, and EKG results. A stand-alone SAS procedure for identifying the AMI#4 cohort was developed, but

is untested for lack of relevant EKG data in the central databases within the OMOP Research Lab. However, the SAS code is available to the broader OMOP research community to adapt to their data, at http://omop.org/PrepData. There is no SQL version of this script.
Another exception is Hip Fracture Definition #3, which involves text evidence from radiology reports which is not available for development and testing within the Research Lab. An implementation of this definition should be undertaken if the data source supports this kind of