OMOP Implementation

OMOP created a framework for observational research. This page contains the components and step-by-step instructions of how to implement this framework for your own environment.

Please note that all tools are Open Source and research grade. If you need help with implementation, contact us and we will bring you into the community of peers and vendors.

Data Transformation and Cohorts

Data Characterization and Quality Control

Queries, Analyses and Methods

Common Data Model - This gives you the description and the DDL to create your own CDM database instance. It also contains ETL implementations for a number of popular databases, including code.

  Vocabularies - This provides all the vocabularies used in the CDM. It also gives you the mapping tables you will need to convert from the source codes to the Standard Vocabularies (e.g. ICD-9 to SNOMED-CT or NDC to RxNorm).

Health Outcomes of Interest - This is a library of definitions of outcomes routinely studied for drugs.


OSCAR - Tool for systematic counts and summary statistics of the data.

  Data Quality and GROUCH - Tool for systematic testing for outliers in frequencies, data over time and boundaries.

NATHAN - This tool creates information about the natural history of disease.


Standardized Vocabulary Queries - A collection of queries to find concepts through use of the Standard Vocabulary.

  Standardized CDM Data Queries - A collection of queries you can use to interrogate the data.

Methods Library - A suite of analytical methods to detect association between intervention and outcome.