Christian Reich, MD, PhD

Christian Reich, MD, PhD

Global Head of Informatics, AstraZeneca PLC


Christian has more than 15 years of experience in life science research and medicine. He was a practicing physician in Berlin and Ulm, Germany before moving to the European Bioinformatics Institute to work on the Human Genome Project. He then joined the biotech industry in 1998, where he worked in various positions on typical challenges in drug research and development, such as gene sequence and expression analysis, clinical trial design and analysis, systems biology, and outcome research, applying computational methods to large scale biological data. Christian is the Head of Discovery Informatics at AstraZeneca. He received his bachelor’s degree in preclinical training from Humboldt University in Berlin and holds his M.D. and doctorate from the Medical University of Lübeck, Germany where he focused his research on T-cell activation and regulation.

OMOP Investigator Role & Research Interests

Christian was the lead on the development and implementation of the OMOP Research Lab prior to becoming an OMOP Research Investigator. He has been key to the use of the medical vocabularies within the common data model. He has been working on the statistical aspects of the design of OMOP experiments and data analysis.


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